Sad News

So, what’s going on you might ask. First of all, I have released a new version TUGZip (3.5). It fixes some of the annoying bugs that users have reported in the forums and by mail. You can grab it from the downloads section.

As you can see, the website has been updated, unfortunately not to indicate a new era of development on TUGZip but rather the opposite. Unfortunately I am no longer able to support and work on TUGZip as much as I want, I am sure most of you already realized.

I hope to be able to continue developing TUGZip 4 at some time, but for now the development is suspended.

I want to thank everyone for their support all this time, especially everyone providing help in the forums. I also want to apologize for not being able to answer all e-mails, I am receiving more than I can handle. I will try to read through the e-mails I get, but I can’t promise that I’ll answer. I hope you understand this.

I will do my best keeping the website, downloads and forums online.

Bug Fixes

I have updated TUGZip to fix the problem with Windows Update KB925902. You may download the new installation package or just the updated TUGZip.exe.

Unfortunately the future of TUGZip does not look very bright at the moment. I need to figure out what to do. Also sorry for the lack of e-mail support lateley, I am to busy to answer all e-mails, please try to search the forum for help instead.

Updated Hebrew Translation

The Hebrew translation has been updated by fbk. It’s available in the translations section.

Some News

Mr “Anonyme” has made some changes/corrections to the existing French translation. The alternative translation can be downloaded here. Thanks!

Unfortunateley I havent been able to work at TUGZip 4 very much lateley. Hopefully I will get more time in the end of the summer.

Spanish (Latin American) Translation

Francisco Alvarado has translated TUGZip into Latin American Spanish. Great job! Download the translation here.

Korean Translation

KIM JaeGeun has done a great job translating TUGZip into Korean. Download the translation here. Thanks!

Greek Translation Update

Marios has made some changes to his Greek translation. The updated version can be found here.

Croatian Translation

Cedomir Doresic has done a great job translating TUGZip into Croatian. His translation is available here.

New Icons

I have added a new Icons subsection to the download section. Oto Rudovich has created some very good looking archive type icons that he has made available for download.


Marios Anagnostopoulos has now finished his Greek translation of TUGZip, grab it here. Good job!

I would also like to clearify one thing. It appears that spam is beeing send from what appears to be my e-mail address, of course this is not the case. These e-mails are not beeing sent by me, they’re beeing sent from someone who fakes my e-mail adress.

Romanian Package

Achim Calin has put together a great translation package for Romanian users. It contains installation instructions and two Romanian translations, one with Romanian diacritics and one without. The package can be downloaded from here.

Some News

TUGZip has been translated into two new languages, Romanian and Indonesian.

I know it has been quiet here lateley, but there is a lot of work going on. TUGZip 4 is still in development.

Updated Translation and New Mirror

Ernst Vaarties has updated the Dutch translation so it’s now fully compatible with TUGZip 3.4. BetaNews is sponsoring with a new and fast mirror.


New Download Mirror

Tyler at is kindly hosting mirrors of all downloads. Thanks!

Updated Translations

The Slovak and Chinese (simplified) translations has been updated for TUGZip 3.4 compatibility.

Development Continues

The Polish translation has been updated for TUGZip 3.4 compatibility.

The development of TUGZip 4 continues.

Hebrew Translation

A Hebrew translation of TUGZip is now available. Download it from here.

Updated Translations

The Catalan and Lietuviu translations has been updated. You can find them here as usual.

Version 3.4 in Japanese

The Japanese patches has been updated for TUGZip 3.4 compatibility. Download the latest patches here.

Turkish Translation

TUGZip has been translated into Turkish for the first time, get the translation here.

I would like to thank the mirror sponsors for quick updating and for keeping their good mirrors online.

Released Version 3.4

TUGZip 3.4 is now available. Updating is recomended for all previous versions of TUGZip. You may download the new version from the download section or by using the web-update tool (TUGZip 3.3 users only).

Gints Erglis has translated TUGZip into Latvian, thanks! The translation can be found in the translations section.

Updated Slovak Translation

The Slovak translation has been updated for TUGZip 3.3 compatibility.

Upcoming Update

The Greek translation has been updated for TUGZip 3.3 compatibility. A small update will be available next week.

Some News

I am back in town and has replied to most of my e-mails. The Japanese, French, Italian, Portugues(br) and Portugues(pt) translations has been updated for TUGZip 3.3. compatibility. There are also three new languages available: Bulgarian by Stoyan Bonkov, Estonian by Aivo Kuhlberg and Slovenian by Jadran Rudec. A few new download mirrors has also been added. Thanks!

Released Version 3.3

Good news! TUGZip 3.3 is released. Download it from here.

My plan was to include the latest translations in the setup package but due the lack of time I just uploaded them to the server. The German, Hungarian, Chinese (traditional) and Swedish translations are updated and available.

I will be out of town for about one and a half month. I’ll check my inbox when I can access internet to update the mirrors and translations.

Japanese Translation

lazy_dog has made a Japanese translation of TUGZip as well as two patches for better unicode support. The package can be downloaded here.

I spend most my time working on TUGZip 4, but I think I might release a last update on TUGZip 3 in the near future. Mostly to correct some bugs. A few new features might be included, but nothing major.

Serbian Translation

Ozzii has done a great job translating TUGZip into Serbian. You can download his translation here.

Development continues…

Alternative Finnish Translation

Jussi has contributed with another Finnish translation, it differs a bit from the first translation by Jaakko. Get it here.

Development Status

Yet another fast mirror has been added to the download section. Thanks!

Sorry for the lack of updates lateley. I have been working on TUGZip 4? which pretty much will be written from scratch since my goal is to make TUGZip open source and maybe portable to other platforms (if it doesn’t affect the performance).

Finnish Translation

Jaakko has done a great job translating TUGZip into Finnish. You may download his translation directly from here.

Danish Translation

Soren has translated TUGZip into Danish. You may download his translation directly from here. Thanks!

French Usage Guide

Fred at has written a very nice TUGZip-guide in French. He is also sponsoring with a download mirror. French users can checkout his guide here. Thanks!

TUGZip 3.3 development continues…

New Fast Mirror

MrBackslash is sponsoring with a fast mirror of all current downloads. Thanks!

SDK Status

The Hungarian translation has been updated for TUGZip 3.2 compatibility. The translation can be downloaded from here.

The plug-in SDK will be released along with the next version of TUGZip. I have made some improvements in the API and need to update the documentation and example.

Lithuanian Translation

Kestutis has done a great job translating TUGZip into Lithuanian. The translation can be downloaded from here.

Updated Translations and SDK Status

Great news today! There are two new translations of TUGZip available, Slovak and Catalan. The Polish translation has been updated for TUGZip 3.2 compatibility. All translations are available at this page.

The plug-in SDK should have been released by now, but I have been working on the next version TUGZip rather than finishing the documentation. I will try to finish the SDK as soon as possible.

Updated Portuguese (pt) Translation

The Portugues (pt) translation has been updated for TUGZip 3.2 compatibility.

Updated Translations and Mirror

The French and Italian translation has been updated for TUGZip 3.2 compatibility. The mirror has been updated with the latest version of TUGZip.

Updated Translations

The Czech, Dutch and Chinese (traditional) translations has been updated for TUGZip 3.2 compatibility. Also a few mirrors have been updated with version 3.2 downloads, and Softpedia has sponsored with yet another one. Thanks!

I was hoping to be able to release the SDK today, but I need to work a little more on it before it’s finished.

Released Version 3.2

Many updates today, the Chinese (traditional) translation has been updated for version 3.1 compatibility.

TUGZip 3.2 has been released! You can see a list of what’s new in version 3.2 here. If you have translated TUGZip 3 there are are some updates needed on your translation for full 3.2 compatibility, please see this page. The German and Swedish translations are already version 3.2 compatible.

I will also try to complete the plugin SDK, and hopefully upload it tonight or tomorrow.

Update1: It seems that my current host doesn’t allow me to run the newsletter script utility all e-mails are send. Most of the subscribers didn’t get their e-mail. If anyone has any good (and free) newsletter script to recommend which (if possible) takes care of the timeout problem, please let me know.

Update2: Wicky Rampersad has sent me his Dutch translation of TUGZip, which is available at the translations section. Thanks!

Greek Translation and Mirror

Wasilis Mandratzis has translated TUGZip into Greek, the translation is available at the translations section. Thomas Polden has been kind enough to supply another mirror for TUGZip.

I know, it has been rather quiet lateley. I have been busy working on the next version, which is very near completion.

Updated Portuguese (pt) Translation

The Portugues (pt) translation has been update for TUGZip compatibility.

Updated Italian Translation

The italian translation has been updated and can be downloaded here.

New Website in German

Thanks to Nico there is a TUGZip website available for German users, He is also sponsoring with a direct download mirror.


I have made some minor changes on the website and added a small FAQ.

Updated German Translation

The german translation has been updated, the updated translation can be found in the translations section.

Updated Italian Translation

The italian translation have been updated to TUGZip 3.1 compatibility.

Released Version

A few translations have been updated to version 3.1 compatibility: (English), French, German, Hungarian and Swedish. They are all available from the translations section as usual.

(Update) An updated version of TUGZip 3.1 have been released ( RAR and ACE extraction problems should now be solved.

Small Fix

I have made some updates and uploaded a new installation under the same name as version 3.1. It’s only a minor update which removes an error message which is shown when compressing CAB and LZH archives on some systems.

Released Version 3.1

Version 3.1 of TUGZip is now released. Take a look here to see what’s new. If you have translated TUGZip 3 there are some updates needed on your translations for full 3.1 compatibility, please see this page. Please make sure to uninstall previous versions of TUGZip before installing 3.1, and don’t forget to restart your system if needed. If you are using any external plugins, please remove them from the plugins directory. These plugins are no longer needed in TUGZip 3.1.

(Update) My current host doesn’t seem to be able to handle all the traffic, so they restricted my free traffic account. Because of this I had to remove all local server downloads and move the TUGZip 3.1 installation file to a very fast and reliable server.

I had some troubles sending out all newsletters, there was some kind of timeout error. I hope this will be fixed soon.

German Mirror Removed

The german mirror of tugzip3.exe has been removed because of a request of Andreas current provider.

Website Will be Offline

A Chinese (traditional) translation is available. Actually there are two traditional Chinese translations available. The second translator send his translations to me before I had uploaded the first one. The Swedish translation has also been updated, spelling mistakes has been corrected.

My current host will move its servers to a new server room in another city where they can supply more bandwidth etc. Because of that, this website will be down from Sunday evening to Monday morning.

New Translations

There are three new translations available, Italian, Spanish and Chinese (simplified). Get them here.

Also Andreas M. have been kind and added a mirror download of tugzip3.exe. This website has been rather slow lately and hopefully this will make it a little bit faster.

Plug-ins Available

The new plugins are now uploaded as promised. You can find them here. Gabriel have updated the Hungarian translation to support version 3. You can download it from here or by using the automatic language update tool.

Released Version 3.0

Finally some good news for those of you who have been waiting for TUGZip 3 to be released. Go to the download section and download the latest version. Please make sure that TUGZip 2 is completely uninstalled before installing version 3.

I will update the plugins section later with instructions on how to add e.g. RAR and ACE compression support.

That’s all for now!

Some News

Samuel Murray have updated the Afrikaans translation which can be found at the same download location as the old one. Look at the translations section.

TUGZip 3 development continues and we are getting very close to a public release by now. I have decided not to release any translation tools yet because the possibility of changes in the GUI.

Thanks to Bronson C. Elliott who has corrected misspelling on the website.


There seems to be a problem with my current ISP’s SMTP server. It looks like some e-mail did not reach their targets. I should have answered to all my e-mails at this moment so if you haven’t got a reply, please send your e-mail again. Even if you sent it weeks ago.

Translating TUGZip 3

It has been rather quiet lately so I better tell you what’s going on. I am currently working on beta 3 of TUGZip 3 which will hopefully be the last. At the moment I am implementing the translation system and I will upload the tools necessary to translate TUGZip 3 as fast as possible.

Beta Available

The beta is now available to the beta-testers! If you are a beta-tester and haven’t been contacted by e-mail, let me know.

News on the Beta

I am sorry that the first beta isn’t finished yet. I have a few things left to do before I can give it to you guys. Thanks for your patience

TUGZip 3 Beta

Thanks to Johnny Wong who has translated TUGZip to Traditional Chinese. The language file is available at the translations section.

TUGZip 3 is getting closer, a beta will hopefully be available for the beta-testers next week. Contact me if you are interested in helping us test it.

Spanish Translation

The Spanish translation is complete and it’s available for download at the translations section.


My e-mail is getting spammed a lot. Those of you who have sent me an e-mail that I haven’t responded too, send it again. My e-mail account ran out of space.

New Translations and Downoad Mirror

There are a two new translations available that can be found in the translations section, Hungarian and Japanese.

I also want to thank for putting up mirror downloads. This will increase the download speed.

TUGZip 3 development continues.

New Translations

A few new translations have been added to the translations page. TUGZip 3 development continues.

New Translations

There are a few new translations available that I forgot to mention yesterday. Check them out on the translation section. I have now replied to all e-mails, but there are still some sections in the forum that I have to read through.

Some News

It’s been quite lately. I have been busy with a few other things in my life. I am currently working on the next version of TUGZip. I have a few more e-mails to answer and some posts in the forum. That’s all for today!

Some News

I have been out of town for a few weeks. I have uploaded a few translations that I have received. I will answer e-mails and posts in the forum within a few days.

Released Version 2.0

The final version of TUGZip 2 is released. Grab it from the download section. The webpage has also been updated.

New Version Shortly

I will release a new public version of TUGZip within a few days. Stay tuned!

Various News

As you may have noticed the forums are not working properly. I will try to fix it as soon as I can, I am quite busy working on TUGZip at the moment. Today TUGZip received it’s 3rd award. 5 stars at Completely Free Software.

At last I want to thank all the people who are sending in their comments/bugreports on TUGZip V2. Your help is really appreciated!

Another Award

Once again TUGZip V2 received an award, this time the FWT 5 Satellites Award from Free World Team.

First Award

Today TUGZip V2 received its first award. 4 stars at WebAttack.

TUGZip 2 Beta 3

The new homepage is online and TUGZip V2 (BETA 3) is now released to the public.

Hungarian Translation

Good news for Hungarian TUGZip users. Leonard Nimoy has been kind enough to translate TUGZip into Hungarian. The translation-file is available in the translations section.

Thanks Leonard!

Forums Online

The forums are redesigned and back online. The development progress will be constantly updated and screenshots etc will be posted in the forum. Please feel free to enter the forums and post your comments/ideas.

New Release Soon

A new version of TUGZip will be released soon. Stay tuned!

New Website Layout in Progress

I started to work on the new homepage layout.

Released Version 1.1

TUGZip version is released.

I need more help looking for bugs in TUGZip so therefore I am looking for some beta testers to help me with bug tracking. Please send me an e-mail if you’re interested.

I do also need some help designing the new TUGZip GUI if necessary. If you want to help, checkout the download section for some new GUI proposals. Your help is needed!

Registered Domain

The domain name is registered.

Harddrive Failure

This day started bad, when i started my computer this morning I heard a strange sound. My primary harddrive sounded very bad and my mainboard couldn’t find it. I tried the harddrive in my server but the same problem appeared on that machine. I realized that the harddrive was broken so I went to by a new one, luckily I make backups regularly so I didn’t lose TUGZip.

Website Finished

The homepage is almost finished, just a few improvements left.

Website in Progress

Today I started to work on the current homepage.